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Links to Current Music - Homework!
Saturday 27 January 2018

Music rehearsed each week:  music links below

Week 6, 14 Feb:  Elgar pp 47-55,  179-184 (The Lord's Prayer), then we finished Trois Chansons. Last week David asked us to listen to the YouTube link for this piece and was so disappointed that very few choir members did as he asked - so let's not disappoint him again! The link is below.

Week 5, 7 Feb:  Elgar pp 17-19, 20-32, 47-55.  Ride on King Jesus, and the first 3 pages of Trois Chansons. Please listen to the YouTube links below,  and run through listening with your score open in front of you, especially helpful for rhythmic timing.

Week 4, Wed 31 Jan: Tom standing in for David - Elgar pp 129-132, pp 82-96 In Solomon's Porch. Tricky dialogue exchange between different sections of the choir. Try listening to a recording to get the conversation feel of this section.  The Cuckoo - the chorus cuckoo's all start at different beats in the bar - took us a while to get this right! Finally. Ride On, King Jesus.

Week 3, Wed 24 Jan: Men rehearse with David (Wide Open Spaces), Ladies with Mikey (Stocking and Shirt) separately first to run through own songs and Elgar pp 64-76.  Then combined to put the Elgar together. Finally Own Choice (Trois chansons de Charles d'Orleans).

Combined rehearsal, Sat 20:   ELGAR ONLY.  We went through all the choir parts. This score is very bitty and needs careful marking so we strongly recomend you spend time making sure you know where you start, finish, and particularly the tempi. Keep listening to the music while following it with your score.  Watch out for L=Largamente (broadly), A=Accellerando (gradually faster), and R=Rallantando (becoming gradually slower). 

Week 2, Wed 17 Jan:  The Cuckoo, The Kingdom Section 1: pp 1-55 (very fragmented, tricky score to follow), pp 151-155, pp 179-184 (The Lord's prayer).

Week 1, Wed 10 Jan:  Ride on King Jesus, The Kingdom pp 109-123, 129-132, 158-167

Also some music links research for us by Cris Shepley:

The Kingdom:

Not too much on YouTube for our programme.  Here’s a recording of the Nancy Wertsch setting of Ride On King Jesus.

Or for a different full-blooded version (not the one we are doing), but you will feel good after hearing it.

Cuckoo – the madrigal

Own choice - Debussy Trois Chansons No.1