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Homework and links for Brahms German Requiem
Friday 02 August 2019

HOMEWORK:   Here are some website links to help you with this season's music.  These music links will help your practice and make it much more enjoyable for you. 


Hi folks. There are sites on the magic web where you can find free music aids or downloads. CYBERBASS is free, as is LearnChoralMusic, and both have good repertoire.  Choral Line is very good for learning individual parts but you do need to pay.So please look around and let me know if you find some gems.

Cris has been doing some splendid research to hep us with Brahms German Requiem. So why not get started now - our new term is only a few weeks away!

Message from Cris:  I’ve done my usual research into YouTube etc.  The following links might prove useful:  The recording by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Claudio Abbado with Barbara Bonney, Soprano, and Bryn Terfel, Baritone, with the full orchestral score scrolling.  Personally, I find it useful to see the German words and hear them properly pronounced.  The same recording, performance filmed.  I see one of the commentators identifies the Baritone soloist as Brian Terfel… a relation ha ha?  The link to the free Cyberbass tuition aid.

There are one or two SATB YouTube movements with the vocal score but hard to find.

Happy Rehearsing!