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17 November 2019The German Requiem - Brahms: notes for the big day
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The German Requiem - Brahms: notes for the big day
Sunday 17 November 2019

Hello All,

Just a few notes for you to remember for our big day and concert, next Saturday:

  • be ready to start singing at 2pm
  • no folders
  • black tops, black bottoms and we have a photographer coming during the afternoon, so pls look gorgeous for that!
  • assemble before the concert by 7:10 in the Lady Chapel
  • performance is at 7:30 with a break after the third movement
  • rental copies into the boxes provided in the Lady Chapel after the concert

PLEASE BRING AS MANY FRIENDS AND RELATIONS AS YOU CAN. There is nothing like the sound of a big chorus and full orchestra!

If you would like to come and help (or lend someone) to set up the church for us and our orchestra then that would be much appreciated. I will be there from about 12:30. It would also be great if I can have some help afterwards. Many hands make light work and we can all get away for a bit of refreshment.

Finally, please be prepared to move about a bit in our rehearsal on Wednesday so we can get a shape that is similar to our performing shape at St Martins.

Any questions, let me know ..


0786 649 2084 (mob)