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The History of Dorking Choral Society

Dorking Choral Society was formed in 1922 and is presently in its 96th year, with origins as the 'Dorking Chamber Musical Society' which was formed as long ago as 1872. With this long history Dorking Choral Society is well established and has benefited from a number of eminent conductors, all of whom have helped the Society to grow.

With a broad repertoire DCS has consistently appealed to amateur singers and, through a regular concert programme, local audiences.

Over the years the Choir has been led by William Cole, William Llewellyn, Julian Armitage-Smith, Philip White, Ivor Setterfield, Justin Doyle and Greg Batsleer and Hilary Campbell, Richard Wilberforce and David Young; not forgetting Renee Stewart and Vaughan Williams himself taking rehearsals in 1940.

All conductors have given the Society new opportunities and helped to secure its continued success.This is equally true of our present conductor, Timothy Ferguson who ensures that the priorities to thoroughly enjoy our singing, strive for the highest standards and to be a warm and welcoming goup, are met.

As a thriving Choral Society with a long and varied history we can look to the future with confidence.